Vision and Mission


A university driving technology and innovation forward where graduates are nurtured with hands on experience in entrepreneurial societies for sustainable development


To promote entrepreneurship in the novel digital society through technology and innovation creations.

    1. Producing the quality graduates in innovation, technology, creativity and management for entrepreneurial societies for sustainable.
    2. Conducting research and creating inventions, innovations and valuable creations to apply the national and international benefits.
    3. Providing and being the center of academic services to meet all population under the concept of entrepreneurial societies for digital era.
    4. Integrating the technological creative thinking in preserving art and culture and local wisdom.
    5. Administration and management with good governance for quality organization.
    6. Driving university to World Class University.

SMART Entrepreneur

                S  = Service Minded/Science
                M = Morality/Management
                A = Artistic/Academic
                R = Responsibility
                T = Technology/Thainess