*Faculty of Science and Technology


Rajamangala Universities of Technology were founded in accordance with Rajamangala University of Technology Act, B.E.2548 in 2005, under Section 7 stated that the university is a professional and technology higher education institution with educational objectives, promoting academic and higher vocational level; focusing on practice, teaching, research; producing professional teachers; providing academic services in science and technology to societies; preserving art and culture, and conserving the environment. In addition, it provides vocational graduates with opportunities for further studies in a specific professional field at the degree level. Under Section 36 of the National Education Act 1999, stated that the public institutions which providing education for a degree are the legal entity, so that the public institutions can operate independently; be able to develop their own administrative and management systems, agility; and have academic freedom under the supervision of the government. Therefore, it is expedient to establish 9 Rajamangala Universities of Technology instead of Rajamangala Institute of Technology in order to be public institutions which provide degree education in the main field of vocational and technology with the purpose of the institutions to promote academic and advanced vocational courses, to teach, to research, to produce professional teachers, to provide academic services in science and technology and to preserve art and culture. Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin is one of the 9 universities under the Rajamangala University of Technology Act of 2005.

Referring to the mission, it provides science and technology education which leads to the need of the university to establish the Faculty of Science and Technology, because science and technology are increasingly important and much more important for human life especially in the globalization era that the competition is boundless and among the problems of the limited resources and environments. Although the development of science and technology allows a comfortable living and longer life, the use of science and technology without having considered carefully will affect the monumental environment and natural balance inevitably. When looking ahead, science and technology should help humans to prepare themselves and ready to at all times and related to humans and the environment. Therefore, in the daily life of every human being, it must be related to science and technology at all times and related to the evolution of knowledge which will cause many changes. It is very important that people in society have to know how to think logically and how to solve any problems logically that result in intellectual development at the same method used in the scientific searching process. Thus, education or scientific education will prepare people to solve problems in a rapidly changing society in the future, during the time; science will become more involved with society.


Bachelor's Degree

* Bachelor of Science in Food Processing and Culinary Science
* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
* Bachelor of Science in Health and Beauty Technology 




Faculty of Science and Technology

Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin

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