*College of Innovation Management


The College of Innovation Management was established in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin No.8/2009 dated 27 July, 2009. It is an internal unit with equivalent status to the faculty that was named “College of Innovations, Rajamangala Rattanakosin College of Innovation Management (R-CIM).”

On 29 April, 2011, the name was changed into “Rattanakosin College of Innovation Management” with the objectives of establishment in order to be a leader in the management of master’s and doctorate education including promoting research and development, providing academic services and body of knowledge for society, entrepreneurs, and communities. As for the determination of the university, Rattanakosin College of Innovation Management is a college of social entrepreneurship for business sustainability and public management.

The College of Innovation Management has independent management for its flexible and fast operation; however, it is under the supervision of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin. The college gives the priority to instruction focusing on academic excellence, academic services including business networking that truly leads to economic development and sustainability.

The objectives of R-CIM are to produce graduates and develop their qualities in order to be accepted in entrepreneurial societies; to conduct research, further develop body of knowledge and create values; to provide academic services and knowledge to entrepreneurial societies and communities; to preserve art, culture and sustainable environment.


Master's Degree

* Master of Business Administration (MBA)

* Master of Public Administration (MPA)

* Master of Education ( M.Ed. 

Doctoral Degree

* Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

* Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

* Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D. )

* Doctor of Management in Innovative Management ( D.M. )


College of Management Innovation (Rcim)

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