*Faculty of Liberal Arts


The Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin was originally called “the Faculty of Applied Arts, Rajamangala Institute of Technology,” in 1975. It was established in 1934 on the basis of the teaching and learning of languages. It began teaching at the level of grade 7-8 in the department of general education and the department of foreign language which English was made as a compulsory subject, but French, German, Chinese or Japanese as an elective subject.

As for the teaching and learning process, the Japanese language program and the Chinese language program were launched for the first version in 2002. In addition, English for International Communication for the first model was launched in 2005.

Rajamangala Institute of Technology changed its status into Rajamangala University of Technology in 2005. The structure of organizational unit was transformed into the new universities in 2005. Afterwards, “the Faculty of Applied Arts” was named as “Faculty of Liberal Arts.”


Bachelor's Degree

* Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language

* Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language


* Bachelor of Arts in  English for International Communication

* Bachelor of Arts in Thai Language for International Communication  (International Program)


Faculty of Liberal Arts

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