*Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship


Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship was founded in 2017 in order to materialize two of RMUTR’s missions—to cultivate the entrepreneurial societies and to foster creative industries of Thailand and in the region. Another mission is to offer degree and non-degree international programs using foreign languages as a medium of instruction in the area that helps the country and the region develop and nurture future international entrepreneurs, business talents who remain organic to the fast-changing and unpredictable, borderless, and interconnected environments throughout their professional lifespans.

Factors taken into consideration when designing programs, delivering courses and arranging extracurricular activities are long-term fit of our graduates’ competencies to the changing and diverse environments; technological disruption which are unpredictable in the long-range future; creativity and critical thinking which can lead to successful businesses and nations; professional networks; deep-rooted knowledge and skills in business as well as the mindsets to become international entrepreneurs. Those are why our programs comprises various aspects of studies with the aim to nurture you to become successful and confident when entering your respective professional lives anywhere in the world.


Bachelor's Degree

* Bachelor of Business Administration in International Creative Industry Entrepreneurship (International Program)

* Bachelor of Technology in Culinary Entrepreneurship Innovation (International Program)

* Bachelor of Education Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (International Program)


* Bachelor of Management in Creative Industry Entrepreneurship (fashion design, jewelry design, and product design) (International Program)

Doctoral Degree

* Doctor of Philosophy Program in Management (International Program)

* Doctor of Philosophy Program in Educational Studie (International Program)


Master’s Degree

* Master of Management Program in Creative Industries Management (International Program)

* Master of Education in Education Administration and Strategies  (International Program)


Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship

Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin

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